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Memory in Future Tense

The human memory works in mysterious ways, as do the innumerable idiosyncrasies in which we conceptualize memories. How can a community shaken to its core reconcile with the shared trauma in the aftermath of an extreme event? How can a female body approaching womanhood make sense of its past relationship with adolescence? As time moves forward, memories become harder to pin down, our recollections harder to comprehend. Memory in Future Tense examines the way fragments in our heads take on lives of their own, coalesce into new meanings and usher in new possibilities.


2019 Belgium DCP 106min

Yellow Ribbon

2019 South Korea DCP 86min

In A Whisper

2019 Spain, France, Switzerland, Cuba DCP 80min

The Calming

2020 China DCP 93min

Atomic Refugee Moms

2018 Japan HDCam 65min


2020 Germany DCP 4min

While I'm Still Breathing

2019 France DCP 13min

The Silhouette of Braids

2018 Israel DCP 15min


2019 Poland DCP 30min