Yellow Ribbon

JU Hyunsook 2019 South Korea Docu color 86min Korean DCP
date time venue guests rating
10/19 17:10 Spot Huasan A Two G
10/21 21:00 Spot Huasan A Two G
10/25 10:30 Spot Huasan A Two G
★ 2019 Busan International Film Festival – Wide Angle: Documentary Competition (WP)

What were you doing on 16 April 2014? Five years after the Sewol ferry disaster, the scars left by the catastrophe are well-documented and recognized as trauma. Now, people face their trauma and start to speak of responsibility rather than sorrow and anger. With this modest but clear courage, we could probably write a new story after the trauma of Sewol Ferry.


JU Hyunsook

She majored in Documentary at Korea National University of Arts. Her latest work, Yellow Ribbon, ran in the Documentary Competition at Busan International Film Festival in 2019.

JU Hyunsook

2019 Yellow Ribbon再見世越號

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Director: JU Hyunsook

Producer: KIM Il-kwon

Cinematographer: KIM Guyoung

Editor: KIM Hyungnam

Sound designer: PYO Yongsoo

Music: LEE Minwhee

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