The Silhouette of Braids

Rotem DIMAND 2018 Israel Docu color 15min Hebrew DCP
date time venue guests rating
10/17 10:00 Spot Huasan A One P
10/20 15:00 Spot Huasan A Two P
10/22 16:30 Spot Huasan A Two P
★ 2018 Jerusalem Film Festival

A family archive sat in the dark, until Rotem persuaded her mother Varda to watch the films of her childhood anew. The films shed light on past memories and mother-daughter relationships.



A director, scriptwriter, cinematographer and editor born in Israel. She is currently studied at the Sam Spiegel Film School, working on her graduation film.


2018 The Silhouette of Braids編辮子的模樣

Director: Rotem Dimand

Producer: Shmueli Cohen

Cinematographer: Rotem Dimand

Editor: Yohai Malka

Sound designer: Yehiel Hemo

The Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School