Atomic Refugee Moms

Ayumi NAKAGAWA 2018 Japan Docu color 65min Japanese HDCam
date time venue guests rating
10/17 12:40 Spot Huasan A Two G
10/20 21:30 Spot Huasan A Two G
10/22 12:50 Spot Huasan A Two G
★ 2019 Tokyo Documentary Film Festival

Many evacuees have been stricken by poverty after the government cut off the housing subsidies for those who fled their homes after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Mothers and their young children are particularly vulnerable to poverty. Many of their husbands still live in Fukushima alone. This film introduces the stories of women who endeavor to survive in adverse circumstances, while the shared memory of the nuclear disaster is fading in Japan.



A documentary director focuses on the art and life of marginalized minorities. Her documentary films about LGBTQ people has screened at various film festivals including Portraits of the Rainbow.

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Director: Ayumi Nakagawa

Producer: Mayu Hirano

Cinematographer: Shinji Tsujinaka, Itaru Matsui, Ayumi Nakagawa

Sound design: Kenichi Tominaga

Music: Hinyan Wong

Ayumi Nakagawa