In A Whisper

Patricia Pérez FERNANDEZ Heidi HASSAN 2019 Spain, France, Switzerland, Cuba Docu color 80min Spanish, French DCP
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10/19 21:40 Spot Huasan A Two P
10/24 19:20 Spot Huasan A Two P
★ 2019 IDFA Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary

Childhood friends Patricia and Heidi grew up in Cuba, where they both went to the film academy. Independently of each other, they fled the malaise and censorship of their homeland. Heidi ended up in Switzerland, Patricia in Spain. They had no contact for years. Now both 40, they seek a way to approach each other again, , choosing the medium that suits them best: video letters.


Patricia Pérez FERNANDEZ

Born in Cuba in 1978, she has made several fiction short films and documentaries since she migrated to Spain. Currently, she is a staff member at Asociación de Cine Documental.


She is a cuban director, cinematographer and visual artist. Her works have been presented in prestigious film festivals, where they received several awards. In a whisper is her second full-length documentary.

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Patricia Pérez FERNANDEZ

2019 A Media Voz

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2019 A Media Voz

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Director: Heidi Hassan, Patricia Perez Fernandez

Producer: Daniel Froiz, Delphine Schmit

Script: Heidi Hassan, Patricia Perez Fernandez

Cinematographer: Heidi Hassan, Patricia Perez Fernandez

Editor: Heidi Hassan, Patricia Perez Fernandez, Diana Toucedo

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