2000Japan│ Fiction│colour│ 74min│ Japanese, English

Early in the 21st Century, THE GENOM CORPORATION, a multinational enterprise of creature industry who has built a porno empire with IKU CODERS. The IKU CODERS travel in SEXSCAPE, hot sexing with men and women to collect mosaic orgasm data. I.K.U. is conceived as a post Blade Runner Sci-Fi porn set in year 20XX. It is a sexy role-playing movie of orgasm hunting by the seven replicants Reiko.


As an artist and filmmaker, Shu Lea Cheang has worked with various art mediums and film formats, including installation, performance, net art, public art, video installation, feature length film and mobile web serial. As a net art pioneer, her Brandon (1998-1999) was the first web art commissioned and collected bythe Guggenheim museum in New York. She has been crafting her own film genre of new queer cinema, calling them eco-cybenoia (Fresh Kill, 1994), scifi cyberpunk (I.K U 2000 ), scifi cyphepunk ( FluidØ, 2017).


■ Product Information

Release:Taiwan Women's Film Association
Content: I.K.U.
Format: DVD