Daughter Rite

Michelle CITRON 1979 USA Documentary color 53min English DigiBeta
Daughter Rite is a classic, the missing link between the "Direct Cinema" documentaries and the later hybrids that acknowledged truth couldn't always be found in front of camera lens. Scandalous in its day for bending the rules of representation to enlighten its audience about filmmaking, Daughter Rite has a lot to teach folks hooked on reality TV, too. Citron's documentary inquiries into feminism, women in the trades, and feminist approaches to media representation are time capsules that merit re-opening.


Michelle CITRON

Born in Boston, she has a B.A. in Psychology and earned her Ph.D. in cognitive studies and aesthetics from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She taught in the Department of Radio/Television/Film at Northwestern University from 1978 to 2006. Her films explore the lives of women, such as mothers and daughters, women and work, lesbian cultures...etc. These works are influenced by avant-garde film and feminism, blended with experimental styles and melodrama.

Michelle CITRON

1973 Self Defense
1974 Integration
1975 Parthenogenesis
1976 Secretary Tapes
1977 Birth Tapes
1978《女兒的儀式》Daughter Rite
1983 What You Take For Granted
Mother Right
1988 Great Expectations

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