Enemies of Happiness

Eva Mulvad 2006 Denmark Documentary color 59min Afghan, English Beta
This film is about personal courage- courage to change the world and courage to stand at the forefront of the battle.

Malalai Joya is a 28 year-old woman from Afghanistan. This film follows her parliamentary campaign to be elected as a delegate in Wolesi Jirga (the National Assembly), during the first democratic parliament election in Afghanistan in over 30 years. Surrounded by security and despite four attempts on her life, Malalai Joya continues to spread her political beliefs.

This film gives a unique insight into the conditions in which the people of Afghanistan must live. It is a society destroyed by war and run by a tradition. Despite this, there is also a strong longing for change. But how can democracy be implemented in a land where the people are illiterate, a land where votes can be bought and where women do not have the luxury to leave their children so that they can vote? This film reminds us that democracy cannot be implemented merely by the presence of western diplomats and soldiers.


Eva Mulvad

Born in Denmark in 1972, Eva Mulvad received her filmmaking training at the National Danish Film School. Her graduation film, In Between, is about three women in their late 20s considering maturity, and was select for several international film festivals. Ms. Mulvad has directed numerous documentary films, as well as authored the book "KSV3876- A Plane from Kosovo" about refugees rescued bt the Danish Red Cross.

Eva Mulvad

2006 Enemies of Happiness

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Producer: Helle Faber

Director: Eva Mulvad

Cinmatographer: Zillah Bowes

Editor: Adam Nielsen

Sound: Mikkel Groos

Music: Thomas Knak, Anders Remmer, Jesper Skaaning

Cast: Malalai Joya

Language: Afghan, English


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