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The Last Summer of the Boyita

Julia SOLOMONOFF 2009 Argentina Fiction color 86min Spanish 35mm
Every summer since my parents bought a La Boyita for travelling, and I imagined a series of adventures through rivers and forest. One summer, everything changed. I knew I would be painfully left aside by my older sister, who began her adolescence, for “privacy,” a word that to me sounded like exclusion and loneliness. I decided to go to the country with my dad and be with Mario, the son of the farmhands, who was our country playmate. But Mario was going through his own transformation, one significantly more profound than my sister’s. He wasn’t a boy like others...
The idea of The Last Summer of the Boyita emerges from Julia Solomonoff’s memory. She had happened to hear a conversation between her mother, a gynecologist, and her father, a psychiatrist. Her mother consulted her father about her patient, a country boy who was menstruating. SOLOMONOFF was beginning the transformations of puberty and with all those confusion and fears, and was struck hard by the event. Over the years, she inquired about that boy and researched the subject. She wrote the first draft of this film in 2003.



Argentine-born, New-York-based writer and director, Julia SOLOMONOFF holds an MFA from Columbia University, where she currently teaches. Her first feature, Sister (Hermanas) debuted at the Toronto Film Festival 2005 and was partially developed at the Sundance Writers’ Lab. She also produced Cocalero, a documentary directed by Alejandro Landes, followed Evo Morales during Bolivia’s historic Presidential election. The film opened at Sundance 07 and won a Best Documentary Award from the Argentine Academy of Cinema. Her short films have won awards from the Director’s Guild of America, FIPRESCI, New Line Cinema, Milos Forman Fund, La Mujer yel Cine and her short, Siesta, was a regional nominee for the academy awards. She is currently developing her third feature film.


1992 Octavo 51
1993 Un día con Angela
         A Day with Angela
1998 Siesta
2005 Scratch Hermanas
2009 臉紅的夏日 The Last Summer of the Boyita

Director: Julia SOLOMONOFF

Producer: Pepe SALVIA, Maria Teresa ARIDA, Lucia SEABRA

Screenplay: Julia SOLOMONOFF

Cinematography: Lucio BONELLI

Editing: Rosario Suarez-Andres TAMBORNINO

Music: Sebastian ESCOFET


Language: Spanish

Cast: Guadalupe ALONSO Nicolas TREISE, Mirella PASCUAL, Gabo CORREA, Guillermo PFENNING

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