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Almost Heaven

Carol SALTER 2017 UK Documentary color 73min Chinese DCP
Far from home, afraid of the dark, 17 year old Ying Ling is training to become a mortician in one of China's largest funeral homes. Despite her fear of ghosts, Ying Ling is determined to stick it out for her family's sake. She strikes up a special friendship with her co-worker Jin Hau. In their spare time, bantering playfully with each other, a welcome relief from the daily grind at the funeral home. When Jin Hau decides to leave, Ying Ling is left alone. Even though she masters the art of the mortician's spa, she finally resolves to change her life.



Carol SALTER is an award-winning documentary director specializing in closely observed and intimate portraits of people around the world. A graduate from the National Film and TV School (NFTS), her films have been screened worldwide - at Berlin IFF, IDFA, Sheffield Doc/Fest and Palm Springs.

  • 2017 Almost Heaven
  • 2009 Unearthing the Pen
  • 2008 Mayomi

Director : Carol SALTER
Producers : Carol Salter , Elhum Shakerifar
Cinematography : Carol Salter
Editor : Cinzia Baldessari

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