The Dead Sea

Leena MANIMEKALAI 2011 India Fiction color 100min Indian 35mm
Dealing with the conflicts on the border area of India and Sri Lanka, The Dead Sea shows how the Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka cross the sea and arrive on the Indian mainland. However, the situation is not getting better for them. In India, the refugees have to face the world of pain, poverty, death, and violence. One the other hand, not knowing about their future, crowds of refugees continue to pour in.
Aesthetically, the film impresses the audience with its mixture of fictional stories and shocking scenes of documentary style. After twelve documentaries and experimental films, this is Leena MANIMEKALAI's first full-length feature film. In The Dead Sea, the narrator is a female documentarian, who actually represents the director's persona. With the shocking images captured by both the narrator's and the director's cameras, MANIMEKALAI challenges the boundaries of the reality and representation, fiction and nonfiction. At the same time, she asks the question about how we should view this violent reality with a camera.



Leena MANIMEKALAI is an independent Filmmaker, Poet and an Actor. Her works include three published poetry anthologies and a dozen films in genres, documentary, fiction and experimental poem films.


2011 The Dead Sea

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Leena Manimekalai

Antonythasan Jesuthasan

Munusamy M.

Nimal S.

Production Company/ Thollpaavai Theater