Body Phenomenon

I-Chieh PAN 2010 Taiwan Experimental color 21min Digi Beta
There are three physical narratives in the film: sleeping, eating, and moving. From sleeping, eating, to moving, finally back to sleeping, the body forms a loop in order to present the mental state in fixed and empty daily life with the film’s photogram, found-footage, as well as the conversion of different media.


I-Chieh PAN

I-Chieh PAN graduated from Graduate School of Applied Media Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts in 2010. PAN is a double-major in Architecture and Film. She also attends theatre and concerts as a Visual Artist doing Experimental Audio-Visual Live and VJ-ing. Using various materials such as 16mm films, videos, found-footages, etc., she aims to explore a total different aspect of sensual and viewing experiences.

Director's Statement ▾

I-Chieh PAN

2009 閱讀的縫隙 Mysterious Interstice of Gaze

2010 我家的自然教室 My Natural Field

2010 身體顯像 Body Phenomenon

Director/潘怡潔 I-Chieh PAN

Producer/葉姵君 Pei-Chun YEH

Cinematographer/呂淑雅 Zueia LU、潘怡潔 I-Chieh PAN

Editor/潘怡潔 I-Chieh PAN

Music/楊智安 Ned YOUNG

Cast/鍾得凡 Te-Fan CHUNG

潘怡潔 I-Chieh PAN

新北市中和區水源路12918 No.18, Ln. 129, Shuiyuan Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan