I Am Not Ready, Yet

Ying-Kuan CHEN 2011 Taiwan Experimental color 6min Mandarin, Taiwanese Digi Beta
I still don’t know about love and death. I record my experience about
returning, leaving my hometown and a family member’s funeral. Based on this, I extend them to the distance between me and my family. I tried to prove my survival by shooting others people. Home Movie records the truth, but after film-editing it is the memory, or we can say that it is the ideal experience in our sub-conscious, likes a dream. If I could detach myself in dreams, that would be the only truth to me. All the images are re-shot, the heavy noise impact my foggy memories, and I already forgot the way home.


Ying-Kuan CHEN

Ying-Kuan CHEN born in Changhua in 1987. Now, she is studying in the graduate school of Radio, Television and Film at Shih Hsin University.

Ying-Kuan CHEN

2008 不好意思 Excuse Me

2009 110步的早餐店 Broken Toy

2009 剽竊人生 Life Stealing

2011我還不知道 I Am Not Ready, Yet

Director/陳穎寬 Ying-Kuan CHEN

Screenplay/陳穎寬 Ying-Kuan CHEN

Cinematographer/陳穎寬 Ying-Kuan CHEN

Editor/陳穎寬 Ying-Kuan CHEN


Department of Radio, Television and Film, Shih Hsin University

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