Island in Me

Mu-Yun LIN 2011 Taiwan Fiction/Animation color 20min Mandarin, Taiwanese Digi Beta
Wu LI is a student of fine arts in college, but her real life isn’t beautiful at all. She is pregnant, and her boyfriend is not responsible at all. She is almost desperate. Fortunately, her brushes and her mother keep accompanying her. After struggling over and over again, she decides to do the right thing…


Mu-Yun LIN

Mu-Yun LIN graduated from Da Yeh University, majoring in video art and animation. She is the director of Island in Me.

Director's Statement ▾

Mu-Yun LIN

2011肚子島 Island in Me

Director/林慕昀 Mu-Yun LIN

Producer/張巧宜 Ciao-Yi CHANG

Screenplay/林慕昀 Mu-Yun LIN、陳詣涵 Yi-Han CHEN、郭宛諭 Wan-Yu KUO

Cinematographer/郭宛諭 Wan-Yu KUO

Sound/陳孝倫 Hsiao-Lun CHEN

Music/楊松霖Sung-Lin YANG

Cast/陳詣涵Yi-Han CHEN、陳瓊如Chiung-Ju CHEN、李秉正Ping-Chung LI

美少女團隊 Girl team

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