Kitty LIN

Kitty LIN 2010 Taiwan Experimental color 8min Digi Beta
A woman’s soul travels back to her youth after she died, and she unveils a buried secret that has haunted her for years and hinders her from moving onto the next life. Taking the task, she undergoes an unexpected but the last passage of her life to deal with love, friendship, and betrayal.


Kitty LIN

Kitty LIN was born in Taiwan and moved to California when she was 13. She has been socially awkward even until the day she graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York. Her The Sky Bar has been recognized in major festivals and publications all over the world. She was regarded as one of the “New Directors to Watch” in Taiwan.

Director's Statement ▾

Kitty LIN

2006 銷魂酒吧 The Sky Bar

2010忘川 Awakening-The River of Forgetfulness

Director/林慧如 Kitty LIN

Producer/江苑屏 Jumping CHIANG

Screenplay/陳薏如 Kay CHEN

Cinematographer/洪意晴 Yi-Ching HUNG

Editor/林慧如 Kitty LIN

MusicZack RICE


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