In the Midst of Vagrant Ocean

LIN Pin-Chun 2011 Taiwan Fiction color 30min Mandarin Digi Beta
Each of them earns her own living in the same space with different body, and the body hurts, so does the soul. The men entered their bodies and left. The flakes speed up the abandoned lives. Life is ambiguous, and we just have to ask: To be or not to be?


LIN Pin-Chun

After graduating from The Department of Radio, Television and Film at Shih Hsin University, I was involved in working at film festivals, assisting as a volunteer for artists in southern Taiwan, hiking at Yosemite National Park, and preparing meals for homeless people on the street of San Francisco. Nonetheless, I never forgot working on film. Watching movies, writing script, and producing films are what I will continue to do forever.

LIN Pin-Chun
  • 2015《午休時間》The Lunch Break
  • 2011《好好》In The Midst of Vagrant Ocean
  • 2010 《逾 悅》 PLEASURE

Director/林品君 Pin-Chun LIN

Producer/林彥君 Yen-Chun LIN

Screenplay/林品君 Pin-Chun LIN

Cinematographer/林思妘 Ssu-Yun LIN

Editor/朱珮儀 Pei-Yi CHU、林品君 Pin-Chun LIN

Music/陳冠銓Kuan-Chuan CHEN

Cast/黃婕菲Chieh-Fei HUANG、劉淑娟 Shu-Chuan LIU、金鳳 Feng CHIN、蔡明修 Ming-Hsiu TSAI、高麗紅 Li-Hung KAO

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