Nothing to Do with Love

2010 Taiwan Documentary color 80min Chinese Betacam
Love is never easy, simple and transparent just as we know. Sometimes it is a promise of intimacy, whereas it sometimes is a rope tying a whole family in relation to hierarchy. You’ll never know. The director follows four men to enter their unsatisfied marriages and digs into the truth of love in the name of violence.
The four men are sentenced to take a short-term counseling class about domestic violence by the judge. Each of them has the problem like unbalanced communication, custody, marital conflicts, tense between the wife and the mother. Shiao-Yun admits that this film is full of anxiety and anger. It is her curiosity and sense of justice that make her finish the film.


Director: 郭笑芸 Shiao-Yun KUO

Cinematography: 郭笑芸 Shiao-Yun KUO, 江志康 Chih-Kang CHIANG

Editor: 郭笑芸 Shiao-Yun KUO

Language: Taiwanese, Mandarin

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assult Prevention

Committee, Ministry of Interior



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