Women Make Waves International Film Festival


Nothing to Do with Love

KUO Shiao-Yun 2010 Taiwan Documentary color 68min DCP
Four men are obliged to take a short-term counseling class about domestic violence. Each of them has problems like unbalanced communication, custody, marital conflicts and tension between the wife and the mother. The director documents the perpetrators with an in-depth perspective of how they've faced their family and conflicts and digs into the truth of love in the name of violence.


KUO Shiao-Yun

A documentary filmmaker, KUO believes that documentaries are powerful tools to change the world. She shoots with the methodology of participant observation as her primary approach, with domestic violence and family issues as the core of her focus.

KUO Shiao-Yun

1990 《星星的孩子》 

1999 《要孩子,也要工作》 I Want My Children, I Want My Job

2008 《最遙遠的愛》 The Unreachable Love

2010 《與愛無關》 Nothing to Do with Love

2012 《愛的黑海》 Crossings Love

2013 《少年鼓手》 School on the Road

2015 《不安生活的三則短篇》 Restless Life Three Shot




郭笑芸 KUO Shiao-Yun