The Hairdresser

Doris DÖRRIE 2010 Germany Fiction color 106min German 35mm
Set after the fall of the Berlin wall at the dawn of a new chapter for the city, the story begins one life-changing morning in the Berlin low-income district of Marzahn. Single mother Kathy is about to embark on a new chapter of her own. She nailed the phone interview with a local hair salon and was hired as new manager and stylist. When she arrives, the owner takes one look at her and tells her that she does not “fit” in after all. But Kathy doesn’t have thick skin for nothing, literally and figuratively. Just as she is about to give him a piece of her mind, she spots a much better solution right across the street―available salon space! Kathy has an epiphany: She’ll open her own salon! Who needs mean and insulting bosses anyway? She will be her own boss from now on. She decides to run her own salon next to the shop of her former employer. Expectedly, she needs to face a long, hard battle against banks, bureaucrats, and bad advisers. But good people are never absent on the way of her life.



German-born filmmaker Doris DÖRRIE studied acting and film at the University of the Pacific and refined her craft at the renowned Academy of Film and Television in Munich (HFF), before beginning her professional career as a bestselling writer of short stories and a writer and director for film. Rapidly establishing herself as one of the premiere female writer/directors, DÖRRIE continued making films, both critically acclaimed and successful at the box office. Dörrie is also an accomplished writer of short stories and novels, an opera director and professor at the Munich Film School HFF. She lives in Munich.


1989 Love in Germany

1994 No Body Loves Me

2002 Naked

2007 How to Cook Your Life

2008 櫻花盛開時 Cherry Blossoms

2010 美髮師的夢想 The Hairdresser

DirectorDoris DÖRRIE

ProducerUlrich LIMMER, Martin MOSZKOWICZ, Ruth STADLER

ScreenplayLaila STIELER

CinematographerHanno LENTZ

EditorInez REGNIER, Frank MÜLLER

SoundRainer PLABST

MusicIvan HAJEK, Coconami, LaBrassBanda

CastGabriela Maria SCHMEIDE, Natascha LAWISZUS, Ill-Young KIM, Christina


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