Three Fork Village

Liang-Feng CHEN 2006 Taiwan Documentary color 144min Mandarin, Atayal, Ta Beta
Opening with a tale of the beginning of Three Fork Village, an aboriginal community in the mountains of central Taiwan, the film follows Jian-Zhi LIN, a villager who spent years trying to escape his tribe by living in the city. During an ill-fated visit back home in September 1999, a catastrophic earthquake kills his mother and brother, and reduced Three Fork Village to rubbles.
At home but now without a home, Jian-Zhi stays to look after his father. He could never have imagined that in the chaos following the earthquake, a confused government would deem Three Fork unsuitable for rebuild and forced them to move. Jian-Zhi tries to come to terms with his village, as his village tries to come to terms with its future.


Liang-Feng CHEN

Liang-Feng CHEN joined Fullshot Communication Foundation in 1994. It is the very rst non-pro t organization to make documentary and to advocate documentary industry in Taiwan. CHEN has been a training instructor for making documentaries, assisting culture workers of disadvantage groups to tell the story of their communities. After the 921 earthquakes, she went deep into the disaster area to document the tragedy. It was her rst time making a documentary independently. She lmed the Atayal tribe in central Taiwan, Three Fork Village, for six years. She also participated in the reconstruction of the tribe.

Liang-Feng CHEN

2001 三叉坑地震後一年記 Three Fork Village--One Year After 

2005 三叉坑Three Fork Village

Director/陳亮丰Liang-Feng CHEN 

Producer/吳乙峰Yi-Feng WU

Director of Cinematographer/李中旺Jong-Wang LEE 

Cinematographer/蔡靜茹Ching-Ju TSAI 

Editor/林錦慧Chin-Hui LIN

Atayal Language Translation/林木桂Mu-Kui LIN林建治Jian-Zhi LIN

Atayal Language Narration/林黃美玉Mei-Yu LIN HUANG

Title Inscription/楊重鳴Chung-Ming YANG


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