E. SHA Age

Waro HSUEH 2008 Taiwan Documentary color 92min Mandarin, Taiwanese Digi Beta
People used to associate dancing groups to stripping or exotic dancing. However, not many knew the kind of formal musical drama performances has already existed in Taiwan for half a century. In the musical history of Taiwan, “E.SHA Singing and Dancing Group” (1960-1984) has been in the spotlight for twenty-four years with their creative and lavish performance style. “E.SHA Singing and Dancing Group” was so popular, they were invited to tour in Japan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.
However, Twenty-some years later after the group broke up, the former stars began to recreate their performances with a group of young students. What kind of show would the performers of two generations create? The subject matter of this film involves half a century of history and this documentary presents history with live performances. The film is about the process of how former E.SHA performers who were active in musical theater circles and the young dancers cooperating with them to recreate performances using a contemporary point of view to interpret musicals from that period.



Waro HSUEH is a former journalist, lm marketing executive, producer of a movie channel and an international channel. Her lms are mostly about history, anthropology, and NGO related. Currently, she is working freelance in visual arts and is very interested in using images to study archaeology. She has recently re ned her focus to international topics. In 2007, she started shooting her documentaries in HD. E.SHA Age is her rst documentary shot in HD.


1999 請問幾位 Table for Two

2000 封凍的記憶 Frozen Memory

2003 Help From Taiwan

2005 雪域之南流亡藏人在印度 Snow Land of the South

2006 跨足濁水溪橫越太平洋Cross the Paci c, Cross the Zhuoshui River 

2007 相遇於邊境 Meeting at the Border

2008 藝霞年代 E.Sha Age

Director/薛常慧Waro HSUEH

Producer/陳秋芬Chiu-Fen CHEN、劉華玲Hua-Ling LIU

Screenplay/薛常慧Waro HSUEH

Cinematographer/曾憲忠Bodo TSENG、李孟哲Meng-Zhe LI馮信華Hsin-Hua FENG、盧元奇Yuan-Ci LU Editor/蕭冠汝Kuan-Ju HSIAO

Sound/潘麗麗Li-Li PAN


Original Music by E. SHA Singing and Dancing Group

Actor/小咪Xiao-Mi、王淑卿Shu-Qing WANG黃秋燕Qiu-Yan HUANG、潘瑞蘭Rui-Lan PAN蔡寶玉Pao-Yu TSAI Language/Mandarin, Taiwanese

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