Jennifer PHANG 2008 USA Fiction color 106min English Digi Beta
In Diablo Valley, California, a complacent community struggles to adapt to a changing world. A brother and sister grapple with being abandoned by their father and the powerful presence of their mother’s new boyfriend. The siblings are forced to take control of the chaos around them and reinvent everyone’s lives. Nineteen-year-old Pam WU remembers her absent father with longing. Pam’s only friend Scott Parker, a restless Korean adoptee, confronts his fundamentalist parents with his sexuality. Pam’s mother’s boyfriend Wendell threatens to tear apart the Wu family. With catastrophe imminent, lines are crossed, secrets long repressed begin to emerge, and all are left to face their own selfishness and intolerance... until Pam’s little brother, Timothy, discovers a way to alter everyone’s reality.


Jennifer PHANG

A Berkeley-born daughter of a Chinese-Malaysian father and Vietnamese mother, PHANG graduated from the MFA directing program at the American Film Institute. PHANG's sophomore feature Advantageous won the U.S. Dramatic Competition Special Jury Prize in Collaborative Vision at Sundance 2015. She is also the 2015 recipient of the inaugural San Francisco Film Society Women Filmmakers Grant for genre women filmmakers. With the support from San Francisco Film Society and Sundance Institute, she was able to develop the short version of Advantageous into a feature film.

Director's Statement ▾

Jennifer PHANG
  • 2015《2Q41:茱兒的禮物》Advantageous
  • 2012《2041:心靈漫遊》Advantageous (Short)
  • 2008《再見朝陽》Half-Life
  • 2007 Midnight Boycow
  • 2003 The Matrices
  • 2000 Love, Ltd.
  • 1998 Still Life

Director/彭翠蘭Jennifer PHANG

Producer/Reuben LIM, Alan T. CHAN, Robert ZIMMER 

Screenplay/彭翠蘭Jennifer PHANG 

Cinematographer/Aasulv Wolf AUSTAD

Editor/Harry YOON

Sound/Brian SORBO

Music/Michael S. PATTERSON

Actor/Sanoe LAKE, Alexander AGATE, Julia NICKSON,


Production Company:

Fade to Blue (prod co)

437 N. Varney St. Burbank, CA 91502, USA Tel: 818-569-3030, Fax: 818-448-1812,

Sales Company:

Visit Films

89 5th Ave. Suite 806 New York, NY 10003 Tel: +1.718.312.8210, Fax: +1.718.362.4865,