Wave Breaker

Zero CHOU 2009 Taiwan Fiction color 86min Mandarin, Taiwanese Digi Beta
Hao-Yang is a young man that loves the sea and loves to surf, but just as his life was about to begin, he was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease that was from his father. After some time, his body will begin to paralyze part by part, not able to move or speak and eventually he will die. His brother refused to take the test and their single-parent mother still tries to find a cure for her boys. One day, Hao-Yang told his brother he wanted to see the ocean and begged his brother to take him surfing again. When Hao-Yang had finally fulfilled his wish and got on the surfboard, he disappeared in the ocean after a big wave.



A Taiwanese filmmaker and screenwriter. CHOU dedicated her entire career to depicting LGBTQ+ relationship. She is also one of the first Taiwanese female filmmakers invited to be an Oscars Academy member.

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Director/周美玲Zero CHOU

Producer/劉芸后Yun-Hou LIU

Screenplay/周美玲Zero CHOU

Cinematographer/劉芸后Yun-Hou LIU

Editor/周美玲Zero CHOU、劉芸后Yun-Hou LIU

陳小菁Xiao-Jing CHEN



Actor/徐貴櫻Gui-Ying XU、姚元浩How YAO、陳奕Andy CHEN

Production Company:

三映電影文化事業有限公司 THE 3RD VISION FILMS

108 台北市萬華區青年路5611-2

11F.-2, No.56, Qingnian Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan Tel: 886-2-23031614