Our Child

Marina BELOBROVAJA 2021 Switzerland Documentary color 82min German, Russian DCP
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10/21 16:20 Spot Huasan A Two G
10/24 14:50 Spot Huasan A Two G
Is parenthood the only logical continuation of life? Has the traditional concept of the nuclear family become obsolete? The filmmaker has achieved what many women in a comparable situation think about but never actually do. In Our Child she explores the existing social ideas, role patterns, and conventions surrounding parenthood and family, starting with the conception of her daughter with the help of a sperm donor. This story is rooted in the daily coexistence of the girl and her mother, which she documents with a video camera.



Born in USSR in 1976, immigrated to Israel, and studied fine arts in Germany and Switzerland. Her multimedia projects explore the borderline between social reality and artistic practice and reflect political phenomena provocatively and ironically. She is motivated by themes such as labor conditions, consumer behavior, and legal issues.


2021 Our Child 我的孩子也是你的孩子

2014 Warm 


Director, Screenwriter:Marina BELOBROVAJA
Cinematographer:Gabriela BETSCHART, Kaleo La BELLE, Christoph WALTHER, Sergei FREEDMAN, Marina BELOBROVAJA
Sound:Bruce WUILLOUD, Benoit FRECH
Editor, Dramaturgy:
Music:Trixa ARNOLD, Ilja KOMAROV
Sound Mixer, Sound Designer:Guido KELLER
Picture Designer:Patrick LINDENMAIER

JMT Film
Jean-Michel TREVES