Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Yellow Press

Ulrike Öttinger 1984 Germany Feature color 152min German, French DCP
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10/16 20:30 Spot Huasan A One PG15
10/19 14:30 Spot Huasan A One PG15
In this film, OTTINGER turns her attention to the mechanism of exclusion invested with the necessary power to make or break people. Dr. MABUSE, whose illustrious precursor is Fritz LANG's psychopathic, counterfeiting boss of the underworld, derives her power from the fabrication of reality based on the seduction of images and words. Her perfect object and victim is the Bauhaus-dandy Dorian, whose relation to Oscar WILDE's prototype is as marginal as his relation to power. The fairy-tale framework of OTTINGER's feature composition asserts itself strongly in this film as DORIAN replaces the evil tycoon and becomes king of the media conglomerate.


Ulrike Öttinger

Ulrike OTTINGER lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Her work explores the world through images notable for their curiosity about different human cultures and for their visual power and intensity. Her work often mixes ethnographic documentary with fiction and fantasy, creating unforgettable juxtapositions and encounters.

Ulrike Öttinger

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Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer:Ulrike OTTINGER Sound:Margit ESCHENBACH Editor:Eva SCHLENSAG Music:Peer RABEN, Patricia JUNGER Executive Producer:Renee GUNDELACH Producer Manager:Herbert KERZ, Helga STEGMANN

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