The Watermelon Woman

Cheryl Dunye 1996 USA Fiction color 90min English DCP
date time venue guests rating
10/15 21:35 Spot Huasan A One R
10/22 12:10 Spot Huasan A One R
Cheryl Dunye’s feature debut is a landmark look at the black lesbian experience. The director herself stars as Cheryl, who struggles to make a documentary about Fae Richards, a 1930s black film actress popularly known as the Watermelon Woman. Soon, each answer Cheryl discovers about the Watermelon Woman raises questions about herself.


Cheryl Dunye

Cheryl Dunye emerged as part of the New Queer Cinema movement of young filmmakers in the 1990s. Her stories foreground issues of race, sexuality, and identity.

Cheryl Dunye

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1996 The Watermelon Woman 尋找西瓜女

Director & Scriptwriter: Cheryl Dunye

Producer: Alexandra Juhasz, Barry Swimar, Cate Wilson

Cinematography: Michelle Crenshaw

Editor: Annie Taylor

Jingletown Films