Jacqueline AUDRY 1951 France Fiction b/w 96min French DCP
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10/17 21:40 Spot Huasan A One P
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★ 1952 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Best Foreign Actress Award

Set in a French girls' boarding school late in the 19th century. As newcomer Olivia arrives, she soon finds herself at the center of an ongoing power struggle between the school's two headmistresses. Unseen for almost seventy years, it remains a landmark of lesbian representation long overdue for rediscovery.


Jacqueline AUDRY

One of the first woman directors to achieve commercial success in post-WWII France. Her work, controversial and heavily censored at that time, features feminine transgression and gender subversion.

Jacqueline AUDRY

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Director: Jacqueline Audry

Screenwriters: Colette Audry, Pierre Laroche

Producer: Jean Velter

Cinematographer: Christian Matras

Editor: Marguerite Beauge

Composer: Pierre Dancan

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