SHIN Seung Eun 2019 South Korea Fiction color 24min Korean HDCam
date time venue guests rating
10/16 21:50 Spot Huasan A Two P
10/19 13:30 Spot Huasan A Two P
10/22 14:40 Spot Huasan A Two P
★ 2019 Seoul PRIDE Film Festival Best Film Award
★ 2019 Asiana International Short Film Festival

Hyoung-suk visits her daughter Hyun-seo’s apartment and there she encounters Min-jin, her daughters “friend.” She gradually opens her mind after talking a while with Min-jin. Then, Hyun-seo comes back home drunk….


SHIN Seung Eun

Born in South Korea in 1990, she received MFA degree from Moving Images & Film Department at Konkuk University, and directed four short films thus far.

Director's Statement ▾

SHIN Seung Eun

2020 Frontman

2019 Mother-in-law初次見面

2014 Time Machine

2015 Juggling

Director, Scriptwriter: Shin Seung Eun

Producer: Lee Yuri

Cinematographer: Park Jong Hwa

Editor: Shin Swung Run

Music: Shin Seung Eun