Rosanagh GRIFFITHS 2020 UK Fiction color 13min English HDCAM
date time venue guests rating
10/16 21:50 Spot Huasan A Two P
10/19 13:30 Spot Huasan A Two P
10/22 14:40 Spot Huasan A Two P
★ 2020 Melbourne Queer International Film Festival

Cindy's first drag performance isn't exactly a success; when a filmed wardrobe malfunction unexpectedly goes viral, she is forced to face the reactions of her two families, the one she was born into and the one she has chosen.



Rosanagh is a queer Australian filmmaker, based in London. In 2017, she set up Spinster Films, a production company focused on producing female-driven projects.


2020 Cindy 辛蒂初登場

Director, scriptwriter: Rosanagh Griffiths

Producer: Severine Tibi, Anais Calmels, Rosanagh Griffiths

Editor: Fionnuala Oates

Sound recordists: Oliver Sanders, Taylor Papworth

Production: Spinster Films and Sevana Films

Sevana Films