When the Androgynous Child

Melina PAFUNDI 2019 Germany, Argentina Experimental color 9min German HDCAM
date time venue guests rating
10/16 21:50 Spot Huasan A Two P
10/19 13:30 Spot Huasan A Two P
10/22 14:40 Spot Huasan A Two P
★ 2020 BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival

When the child speaks of his or her androgyny, she or he remembers and claims their identity as a foreigner, refugee, bilingual, rejected for not being a man or woman at all.



She has worked as a film archive restorer at the Buenos Aires Film Museum. Since 2016 living in Berlin, she has worked with the director Franz Müller.


2019 When the Androgynous Child當生命渾沌未明時

2013 Red Veils, Polar Coccons

Director, Scriptwriter, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor: Melina PAFUNDI

Sound Designer: Alexander PAULICK-THIEL

Kino Rebelde