Abuse of Weakness

Catherine BREILLAT 2013 France Fiction color 104min French DCP
One morning, Maud woke up in a half-dead body. But her life had been spared. She tried to get up, but fell to the floor in her room. A wretched naked body, which is all that the human body amounts to anyway. Nothing will ever be the same. Maud is in her room, with a TV set at the end of the bed that absorbs the reality of life. On the screen during a nighttime talk-show, a man appears, a thug in a fancy suit:
Vilko. He is arrogant, magnetic and mesmerizing. Maud wants him for her new film. They meet. He sticks around. He swindles her, too, borrowing astronomical sums of money. He takes everything but gives her joy, a family. And he's taken everything, even her persona.


Catherine BREILLAT

Catherine BREILLAT is a Paris based filmmaker and writer who became famous for her distinctively personal films on sexuality, gender trouble and sibling rivalry. Since her first own film Une vraie jeune fille (1976), which was released 23 years after its shooting, Breillat explored critically as well as in an innovative way the perceptions imposed on female sexuality, related family and coming of age issues.

Director's Statement ▾

Catherine BREILLAT

Selected Filmography

  • 1976《一個真正的年輕女孩》Une vraie jeune fille
  • 1999《羅曼史》Romance
  • 2001 Fat Girl 2002 Sex is Comedy
  • 2004《感官解析》Anatomy of Hell
  • 2007 An Old Mistress
  • 2010 The Sleeping Beauty
  • 2013《以脆弱之名》Abuse of Weakness

Director & Screenplay:Catherine BREILLAT
Producer:Jean-François LEPETIT 
Cinematographer :Alain MARCOEN
Editing:Pascal CHAVANCE
Music:Didier LOCKWOOD
Sound :Dominique WARNIER
Cast:Isabelle HUPPERT, Kool SHEN, Laurence URSINO

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