Song of Goddess

鮑藹倫 1993 Hong Kong Experimental color 7min Cantonese
The work pays tribute to the famous Cantonese Opera duo, Yam Kim-fai and Pak Suet-sin. Both women play the role of lovers, with Yam in male drag. The couple worked together on stage and in films. They were so popular that Yam was known as The Silver Screen Lover. Both did not marry, and instead lived with each other for most of their lives. When Yam died in 1991, Pak arranged her funeral and wrote a banner saying: I would die a hundred times in bringing you back to me. In this video, their film, The Emperor Lee, and their own real-life story create a mosaic to tell the tale of dying a hundred times and forever, reality and illusion, past and present, parted and together.