I Am an Ox, I Am a horse, I Am a Man, I An a Women

Sally Potter 1990 color 51min


Sally Potter

Sally Potter's work as an artist from the early 1970's, embranced dance, performance, theatre, music and fim. Since her first major hit with Thriller(1979).Sally has concentrated on film and directed her first feature in 1983. The Gold Diggers, winning the Berlin International Film Festival. Sally went on to make the short. The London Story and several documentaries before the internationally acclaimed and multi award winning Orlando, taking her work to a global audience. This was followed by The Tango Lesson which again received international critical and audience acclaim and garnered several awards. In 2000 Sally wrote and directed The Man Who Cried which consolidated her position as a major player in world cinema. Sally has just finished principal photography on her new film, Yes, scheduled for completion in early 2004.