Amy Wen 0 Taiwan documentary b/w & color 27min Chinese


Amy Wen

Amy Wen, a freelancer who has worked 10 years for documentary filmmaking in the independent film production. She not only makes films but also TV programs and documentaries for foundations and organizations. Her films consider from the development of community to health and medical treatment. Most of them, such as “Womb Arena”, “Up, Stand up! A Tale of Citizen Initiative in Two communities”, and "Morinig! Stories of Breast Cancer Patients in Taiwan”, express her care of the society and local community, which makes them popular in relevant organizations or schools as the material for discussion. Since 2006, Amy has started to write and make feature films. Although her first feature film, “The Way We Write”, was only shown few times in Taiwan, it were invited by many international film festivals, which contributes to her new role— the judge of short films in 2007 Women’s Film Festival in Seoul. In the future, Amy Wen would like to expand her vision from the locals to the world and history.

Amy Wen

2008 Miss you from the orange county

2006 The Way We Write

2005 Comaus & Cactus

2003 Stronger, You? - Stories of schizophrenia

2001 Moming Madam! Stories of Breast Cancer Sunivors.....

2000 Up, Stand up ! A Tale of Citizen Initiative in Two communities.

1999 Womb Arena