Women Make Waves International Film Festival


Earth Mama

Savanah LEAF 2023 USA Docufiction color 100min English DCP
Set in the Bay Area, the film follows Gia as she contends with pregnancy and poverty while dodging Child Protective Services in the fear that they’ll take her soon-to-be-born baby from her. Lensed in richly textured 16mm by Jody Lee LIPES, Earth Mama, starring Oakland underground rapper Tia Nomore as the lead, is an evocative and a heartrending film about a young woman grappling with the most fundamental questions of motherhood amid utterly hostile socioeconomic conditions.


Savanah LEAF

Transitioned from a 2012 Olympian to award-winning filmmaker, she has accomplished various award-winning short films and music videos. Among them, her music video This Land for Gary CLARK Jr. was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2020 Grammys. Her debut feature Earth Mama was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, produced by A24, Film4 and Park Pictures.

Savanah LEAF

2020 The Heart Still Hums
2023 Earth Mama 大地母親 

Screenwriter Savanah LEAF

Producer Cody RYDER, Shirley O’CONNOR, Medb RIORDAN, Sam BISBEE, Savanah LEAF Cinematography Jody Lee LIPES

Editor George CRAGG

Music Kelsey LU