Love Under the Crucifix

TANAKA Kinuyo 1962 Japan color 102min Japanese DCP
For her sixth and final directorial work, TANAKA embarked on making a period drama, a genre considered challenging to seasoned filmmakers. Set in 16th-century Japan, this doomed romance follows two lovers—the daughter of a famous tea master and a married Christian samurai—come to ruin for their forbidden mutual attraction. Though distributed by Shochiku, the film was produced independently by Ninjin Kurabu ("The Carrot Club"), a film company founded by actresses KUGA Yoshiko, KISHI Keiko, and ARIMA Ineko, who sought to enable better working conditions for actors within the studio system.



The formidable acting career of TANAKA Kinuyo has long overshadowed her pioneering status as a filmmaker. Between 1953 and 1962, she directed six feature films, tackling unexplored topics such as breast cancer and women's sexuality. As an actress and a filmmaker, TANAKA's works embody the cultural changes of Japanese society and examine the intersections between women’s authorship and gender discourses in modern Japan.


1953 Love Letter 
1955 The Moon Has Risen 
1955 Forever a Woman 
1960 The Wandering Princess 
1961 Girl of the Night
1962 Love Under the Crucifix 

Director: TANAKA Kinuyo
Screenwriter: KON Toko, NARUSAWA Masashige
Producer: TSUKIMORI Sennosuke, WAKATSUKI Shigeru, NAGASHIMA Hisako
Associate Producer: NAKAJIMA Masayuki
Assistant Producer: SHIMADA Akihiko
Cinematographer: MIYAJIMA Yoshio
Editor: SAGARA Hisashi
Art Director: OOSUMI Junpei
Sound: FUKUYASU Masahiro, HIGUCHI Yasuji
Music: HAYASHI Hikaru
Set Decoration: YAMASHITA Hidemasa
Costume Designer: NAGANO Kiyoko


NIKKATSU Corporation