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The Lucky Woman

TSENG Wen-Chen 2020 Taiwan Documentary color 87min DCP
Why do they run away? To make more money or to pursue better job opportunities? Through the accounts of two “runaway” migrant workers, the film shows the highs and lows of their lives. They give up their legal status as migrant workers and take risks to work illegally. By spending their youth in Taiwan, they try to give their family a better life and to change their own fate.


TSENG Wen-Chen

A filmmaker who spent years documenting stories of the disadvantaged groups, her works include Fishing Luck, Spring: The Story of Hsu Chin-Yu, Love before Sunset and The Lucky Woman. Her documentary Spring: The Story Of Hsu Chin-Yu won Best Documentary at the Golden Horse Awards in 2002. TSENG is currently making a film about transnational migrant workers.

TSENG Wen-Chen

1991 《心窗》 The Window of the Heart

1998 《我的回家作業》 My Homework

1999 《冠軍之後》 After Championship

2002 《春天- 許金玉的故事》 Spring-The Story of Hsu Chin-Yu

2003 《世紀宋美齡》 A Legend Across Three Generation-Mme.Chiang Kai-Shek

2005 《等待飛魚》 Fishing Luck

2008 《日光烤鬥魚》 The Wheelchair

2011 《夢想美髮店》 Dream Hair Salon

2020 《逃跑的人》 The Lucky Woman






曾文珍 TSENG Wen-Chen