Maura Delpero 2019 Argentina, Italy Fiction color 91min Spanish, Italien DCP
★ 2019 Locarno International Film Festival – International Competition: Special Mention
★ 2019 Europa Cinemas Label as Best European film
Maternal is a paradoxical world in which the precocious maternity of a group of teens clashes with the vow of chastity made by the nuns who took them in. Lu and Fati are teen moms living in a religious shelter in Buenos Aires. Sister Paola arrives from Italy to take her final vows. When one of the girls runs away, the young nun takes care of her baby…


Maura Delpero

With her documentaries exploring the limit between fiction and non- fiction, she won several awards in festivals all around the world. Maternal is her first feature film.

Director's Statement ▾

Maura Delpero

2019 Maternal 成為母親的我們
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Director, Scriptwriter: Maura Delpero

Producer: Nicolas Avruj, Diego Lerman, Alessandro Amato,Luigi Chimienti, Marta Donzelli, Gregorio Paonessa

Executive Producer: Nicolas Avruj

Editor: Ilaria Fraioli and Luca Mattei

Sound Editor: Federico Cabula and Alessandro Fusaroli