Our Times

Rakhshan BANI-ETEMAD 2002 Iran Documentary color 79min 35mm
When 2001 Iranian presidents election, the director Rakhshan Bani-Etemad decided to film the election situation, including the situation of a group of Iran cenozoic actors who fill with hopes helping the previous session of Iran President Khatami, the director's daughter is also one of the spin Master in this time. During the filming time, the director planned to meet 48 female candidates who have removed from the election rank. The director was touched by one of female candidate's story during the interview. Arezoo Bayat, who needs to raise her 9 year-old and blind mother, she wants to serve for the Iranians more. To make her dreams come true, she left her hometown to Tehran, in this big city, the female candidate's story just beginning.



BANI-ETEMAD was born in Tehran in 1954. After studying at the University of Dramatic Arts in Iran, she made several documentaries for Iranian television. In 1987, she directed her first feature film Off Limits, and in 1991, she became the first woman recipient of the best director award at Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran for Nargess. She then directed several films that won numerous awards such as The Blue Veiled (1995), Under the Skin of the City (2000), and Gilaneh (2005). She is the most popular director among Iranians.

  • 2014《德黑蘭人間傳奇》Tales
  • 2010 I'll See You Tomorrow Elina
  • 2009《女人半邊天》We Are Half of Iran's Population
  • 2006《靜脈注射》Mainline
  • 2005《戰火離情》Gilaneh
  • 2002《我們的時代》Our Times…
  • 2000《爛心城市》Under the Skin of the City
  • 1997 The May Lady
  • 1994《藍色面紗》The Blue Veiled
  • 1993 Spring to Spring
  • 1991《憂傷的娜葛絲》Nargess
  • 1989 Foreign Currency
  • 1988 Canary Yellow
  • 1987 Off the Limits

Director/ Screenwriter/ Rakhshan Bani-Etemad

Producers/ Jahangir Kosari and Rakhshan Bani-Etemad

Cinetographer/ Soheil Noruzi

Editors/ Piruz Kalantari, Mofsen Abdolvahab, Nava Rohani

Sound/ Mohammad-Reza Delpak, Hossein Mahdavi

Casts/ Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, Arezoo Bayat

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