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Seduction: The Cruel Woman

Monika Treut 1985 West Germany Fiction color 84min German 35mm
Wanda is a dominatrix who runs a gallery in a building on the Hamburg waterfront, where audiences pay for the privilege of watching her humiliate her slaves. She is a business woman who smashes sexual stereotypes and social taboos with icy self-possession and an enigmatic smile.


Monika Treut

Monika Treut is a German lesbian filmmaker. in 1985, Treut made her feature film debut with Seduction: The Cruel Woman, a film that explored sadomasochistic sex practices.

Monika Treut

1985 Seduction: The Cruel Woman

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Director: Elfi Mikesch, Monika Treut

Producer: Elfi Mikesch, Monika Treut

Cinematographer: Elfi Mikesch

Editor: Renate Merck

Sound: Casar Gremmler

Cast: Mechthild Grossmann, Udo Kier, Sheila McLaughin

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