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Tickets for the 24th Women Make Waves Film Festival are now Available !

Tickets for the 24th Women Make Waves Film Festival are on sale from September 5.


Golden Melody Award winner for Best Arrangement Ellen Joyce Loo is coming to Taiwan as Festival Ambassador.
Ticket sales for the ten-day long feast of films taking place from October 10 to October 22 at SPOT Huashan cinema are officially on sale from September 5. For this occasion, our Festival held a press conference on September 4, inviting Festival Ambassador Ellen Joyce Loo, WMWs chairwoman Fan Qing, festival director Pecha Lo, as well as many female Taiwanese directors.

Ellen Joyce Loo made her first official appearance as Festival Ambassador. Ellen shared an experience she made on a recent trip traveling Germany. On this trip, she visited one of the horrific concentration camps. Had she been living in Europe just several decades ago, Ellen said, she most likely would have kept her homosexuality a secret for fear of being sent to one of these terrible camps. The main character of this year’s opening film Chavela, Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, found herself in a faintly similar, however of course not entirely comparable situation. Gaining popularity in the conservative age of the 1960s, Chavela had to gather up quite a bit of courage to come out. Her determination to change society’s stereotypes about women through her music sparks admiration in all of us until today. Ellen Loo expressed that after she has learned about all of this history, she believes the world needs more strength to turn it into a better place. She hopes to contribute to such change through the power of art. After all, without music, without film, too many things in this world remain inexplicable to us.


As an outstanding independent musician, Hong Kong-based Ellen Loo, who just won the award for Best Arrangement at this year’s 28th edition of the Golden Melody Awards, regularly addresses the issues of the marginalized from all walks of life. With the delicate and resolute personality, her braveness in encountering depression and being herself echo the theme of “rave in peace”.

With this year's theme Rave in Peace, festival director Pecha Lo poses a question: “Competition between film festivals is not inevitable, gender issues are not a matter of who wins and who loses. But as ordeal and fetters are inevitable, why not just dance with them?” Over the past 23 years, Women Make Waves has been moving forward continuously struggling with challenges like staff shortages and lack of funding. In recent years, the phenomenon of film festivals becoming a fad that governments and commercial enterprises increasingly like to participate in has added up on these challenges. A rising number of festivals is not only competing for support from national and local governments. They also compete for programming contents and audiences. These developments have made our work even harder. However, it is the aim of the 24th WMW Film Festival to face all these hardships with smiles on our faces. We hope to organize a festival for everyone that does not discuss gender in an all too serious atmosphere. Just like this year’s festival poster expresses, the festival’s goal is to present different ways for women to deal with difficulties by means of embracing and accompanying, humor and creativity, thoughtfulness and wisdom, and above all, perseverance to show professionalism in filmmaking. So let’s keep dancing in the dark, raving in peace and courageously embracing the charm of life. 


For this year’s WMWFF, we have selected a total of 79 excellent films. The opening film, Chavela, is an American documentary that documents the legendary Mexican singer Chavela. She is the first female in Mexico who came out of the closet. Her most famous lover is Frida Kahlo. Worshiped by Pedro Almodóvar, her songs have been chosen in many of his films. We see a close similarity between Ellen and Chavela with their extraordinary life and inspiring music. 

The Closing film The Gulls sets in the south Russian Republic of Kalmykia, narrates its story in out of the ordinary style and aesthetics.  It is about love, with the characters intuitively fulfilling forgotten traditions. The Closing Film is the epilogue of a film festival. It needs to give a symbolic statement, in the sense that the end of a festival is only the beginning of a more vivid life with films. The closing film needs to have the content to be interpreted as such a new beginning and extension of the festival. The reason behind this choice is exactly the interpretation of the new constructed by and encompassing this film. It symbolizes the dawn of new cinematic ages after more than one century of film history. For example, our Closing Film The Gulls from Russia demonstrates mesmerizing picturesque visuals that energize its narration.We also believe that its female perspective, its cinematic form and even the region of Kalmykia so strange to our audience will kindle an experience of novel visions and think in the Taiwanese audience. „A Perfect Shot“ section explores new cinema within realms rather unfamiliar to the Taiwanese audience.

The theme also highlights the main topic we would like to discuss this year: Long-term care has become a highly debated issue. Once the relationship between “caregivers” and “those being taken care of” exists, there is no escape from this intimate yet conflicted tension. „The Entangled Dance“ section touches on its struggles. In Summer1993, Following the death of her parents, six-years-old Frida faces the first summer with her new adoptive family in the Catalan province. Before the season is over, the girl has to learn to cope with her emotions and her parents have to learn to love her as their own daughter. In Godless, Gana looks after the elderly with dementia, while trafficking their ID cards on the black market of identity theft. she eventually learns that doing “the right thing” comes at a high price.


Xposed: Eroticism as Subversion celebrates the diverse erotic landscape of porn and erotica, and invites you into an orgasm wonderland that you have never experienced before. In Xconfessions, Director Lust welcomes all to sent her indivisual’s sex fantacy.  

Beyond Queerness attempts to go beyond our imagination and stereotypes about queerness, and guide us onto a bigger dance floor, welcoming all kinds of possibilities and celebrations. Our Opening Film Chavela is a tour de force of such films. For example, CALALAI in-betweennessis, The Bugis people have accepted gender diversity as codified in their La Galigo manuscript. They believe that humankind consists of five genders. 

There's Always a Woman includes diverse types of women’s stories, speaking out loud to defend women’s rights, her story and her discourse.Lipstick Under my Burkha received massive international acclaims but banned in India for its boldness about feminist liberation .  The Stopover is played by Soko and Ariane Labed focusing on PTSD. 

The Taiwan Competition of Women Make Waves Film Festival was founded to encourage Taiwan's excellent female directors in 2014. This year, we’ve selected a short list of 17 films from hundreds of films by four jury members of first-round review. WMWFF aims to promote Taiwanese films to the international stage, and invites Japanese curator MIKI Soko, Hong Kong curator Teresa KWONG, Taiwanese curator Hung Hung, and author and also film critics Nathalie CHANG, as our jury members for the final selection of Taiwan Competition. There will be one Grand Prize, two Merit Prizes, one Special Award and one Audience Award. The final award winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.

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