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French Female Pioneers

Originally conceived to premiere at this year’s Festival de Cannes, French Female Pioneers came to fruition with the support of the Institut Français. The restoration work for this all new program was carried out under the supervision of the National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image. Our special thanks go to the Bureau Français de Taipei for making it possible to show this program at WMWIFF. French Female Pioneers is an inversion of male-centered cinematic history. This program invites audiences to reflect on the neglect of the female gaze and gender awareness in film. The five directors Alice Guy, Germaine Dulac, Marie-Louise Iribe, Musidora (Jeanne Roques), and Nicole Vedres enjoyed illustrious careers in a variety of professions. Their boldness in challenging technical conventions and putting into practice a multitude of theoretical ideas rightly established their importance on the ideological and artistic frontier. The seventeen works curated in this program were first published between 1898 and 1946. These films epitomize film’s transition from silent to sound. They were once lost to history, but have thankfully been recovered and restored to shine a light on these female creators and their profound legacy.

At the Hypnotist's

1898 France DCP 1min

Turn-of-the-Century Surgery

1900 France DCP 2min

Avenue de l'opéra

1900 France DCP 1min

At the Photographer's

1900 France DCP 1min

Indiscreet Questions

1905 France DCP 3min

Madame's Cravings

1906 France DCP 4min

The Consequences of Feminism

1906 France DCP 7min

The Rolling Bed

1907 France DCP 4min

The Race for the Sausage

1907 France DCP 4min

Alice Guy Films a

1907 France DCP 1min

On the Barricade

1907 France DCP 5min

The Banknote

1907 France DCP 11min

The Smiling Madame Beudet

1923 France DCP 54min

For Don Carlos

1921 France DCP 90min

The Erl King

1930 France DCP 70min

Paris 1900

1946 France DCP 80min