The Black Land

Daby-Zainab FAIDHI 2015 Iraq Animation color 5min English HDCAM
The city of Baghdad has long been referred to as Ardh Al Sawad (the Black Land) by muslins, and the animated fairy tale is a metaphorical for rape there. The beautiful woman, the figure of Baghdad, who has lost not only her children to the wars and destruction, but her soul.

◎ Screening with Panic Attack!, Munitionsettes, Iris 2.0, Gaining Altitude, Couplets for an Everlasting Eve, Tucuman, In Other Words, Shuma, Icky, Love-In-Idleness, Chromosome Sweetheart


Daby-Zainab FAIDHI

Her architectural background provides acute observations and unique sense that she applies as a background artist. She has a real passion about the small details that characterize each place she visits. Daby is currently living and working as a Background and Props Artist at an Oscar nominated studio Cartoon Saloon.

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