The Politics of Choice and the Possibility of Leaving

Megan-Leigh HEILIG 2018 South Africa Experimental color 15min English HDCAM
date time venue guests rating
10/05 14:10 Taipei SPOT-Huashan A Two PG15
10/09 14:50 Taipei SPOT-Huashan A Two PG15
10/11 10:00 Taipei SPOT-Huashan A Two PG15
The film documents the days before the protagonist left South Africa to come to Belgium. It explores the choices or lack of choice one has to remain or leave a place.


Megan-Leigh HEILIG

Received her MFA at the University of Cape Town. She uses film as a way to test, experiment history and power in private and public archives. It is also an attempt to queer the archive, in order to engage different sexual and loving relationships and possibilities of imagining the past or the future.

Megan-Leigh HEILIG

2018 The Politics of Choice and the Possibility of Leaving

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Director: Megan-Leigh Heilig

Cast: Megan-leigh Heilig, Alexa Bessinger

Megan-Leigh HEILIG