Let's Love Hong Kong

Yau Ching 2002 Hong Kong documentary color 87min Cantonese DCP
Three women chase, seduce, resist and fantasize about each other. A Hong Kong that is as fake as real provides the perfect setting for their games, secreams and tears. "Made-in-China Chan" works as a stripper in cyberspace and her only solace is from her mother who has no clue about what her daughter's job is. Nicole has money and power but she depends on "Made-in-China" to play with virtually at night in order to get some sleep. Zero does not have anything but she knows what she wants and is determined to get it. Three women are determined to meet someday.


Yau Ching

Yau Ching was born in Hong Kong in 1966, studied Comparative Literature and Philosophy in Hong Kong, film and media arts in New York and London. A granduate of the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York, she is currently living and working in Hong Kong as a filmmaker, multimedia installation artist, writer and educator. Her short films and videos have been awarded at the festivals worldwide including Image Forum in Japan, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Awards.Ho Yuk is her feature debut. Her books include:stripping Pants and Skirts (Hong Kong: Ching Hung Ching Publishing , 1999), Building a New Stove(Hong Kong:Ching Mun Press, 1996), and The Impossible Home(Hong Kong:Ching Mun Press, 2000). Currently she is Assistant Professor at the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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