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CALALAI in-betweenness

Kiki FEBRIYANTI 2015 Indonesia Documentary color 41min Indonesian HD CAM
date time venue guests rating
10/16 14:00 A One PG12
10/20 15:30 A Two PG12
A story about women in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, belonging to the Bugis culture, an exception in the modern world ruled by a binary gender system. The Bugis people have accepted gender diversity as codified in their La Galigo manuscript. They believe that humankind consists of five genders, and that one of them is calalai. Who are the calalai?

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Kiki Febriyanti was born in Bondowoso, a small town in East Java province, Indonesia. She began her interest in film at an early years while visiting old cinema building in her hometown. Although her major was in Indonesian Literature, Kiki studied filmmaking by autodidact and participated in a couple of workshops. She has directed four documentary films: Don't Call Me Crazy! (2008), Yup… It's My Body! (2010), The Wizard of Canberra (2015), Calalai In-betweenness (2015).

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