just another cinema 她的電影意識史:大事記

just another cinema. 她的電影意識史》所收錄的大事記分成「電影與文化場景」、「性別與運動場景」兩大軸線。前者主要聚焦於台灣女性/性別影像發展的面向,同時稍微向外觸及戲劇、文學、舞蹈、攝影、音樂等領域,藉此補充當時背景輪廓及不同支線交織的狀態。「性別與運動場景」則聚焦於婦女運動、酷兒運動、性別事件/場景所形構而成的社會脈動。兩條軸線可互為參照亦可獨立觀之,從中洞見多線脈絡互為作用的存在狀態。



just another cinema—the herstory of cinema includes a chronicle of events that consists of two main themes, “scenes of cinema and culture,” and “scenes of gender and social movements.” The former primarily focuses on the development of women’s cinema and gendered cinema, while slightly extending to discuss fields such as theater, literature, dance, photography, and music, thereby supplementing the context of the historical background and different intertwined cultural scenes. On the other hand, “scenes of gender and social movements” focus on how women’s right movements, queer movements, and gender issues blend into the social fabric. These two themes are complementary but independent, allowing insight into the state where multiple trajectories intersect with one another. 

The editorial process of writing chronicles of events attempts to respond to “the herstory of cinema,” be it period history, or more precisely, multiple histories of rupture, through a particularly perilous approach—establishing a chronology through the accumulation of time in response to the fragmentation of history. Through the dynamic writing of history through a chronicle of events, one also faces a state where omissions continuously occur amidst multiple balances.

Therefore, the following chronicles of events [ 01- 
scenes of cinema and culture, 02-scenes of gender and social movements ] are presented in Google Docs. Please feel free to revise, rewrite, question, or propose ideas by adding note on the Google Docs.

01.電影與文化場景 Scenes of Cinema and Culture閱讀 Read here

02. 性別與運動場景 Scenes of Gender and Social Movements Read here



大事記編輯小組 Chronicle Editorial Team
朱孟瑾 CHU Meng-Chin  范情 FAN Ching 卓庭伍 CHO Ting-Wu 陳慧穎 CHEN Huei-Yin
謝以萱 HSIEH I Hsuan 羅珮嘉 Pecha LO 

翻譯  Translators

李靖蓉 LEE Jing-Rung 林子甯 Daisy Zi-Ning 林芸懋 LIN Yun-Mao 傅珮琳 POH Pei Ling 謝雨軒 Tina Yu-Hsuan HSIEH 陳慧穎 CHEN Huei-Yin