Midnight Tod

WANG Yi-Ling 2019 Taiwan b/w & color 39min DCP
date time venue guests rating
10/08 21:10 Spot Huasan A Two PG15
10/12 10:20 Spot Huasan A Two PG15
Because of his rebellious personality, Hao gets fired from his hair salon. He takes all his belongings to stay at Tod’s place. Unsatisfied with the current situation but remaining hopeful to the future, they try to do something to against the world and get the rewards they deserve, even they have to go separate ways.

◎Taiwan Shorts 1: screening with Military Dog, Liu A, Sing A, and Bi Hong


WANG Yi-Ling

She graduated from NTUA. Her short film Towards the Sun was selected for prestigious film festivals, including Cannes.

Director's Statement ▾

WANG Yi-Ling

2018 《午夜陶德》Midnight Tod 

2016 《迎向邊疆公路》Towards the Sun

2016 《恐慌》Ghost Island

2015 《夜襲》Night Raid

Director:王逸鈴WANG Yi-Ling

Producer:謝雨珊HSIEH Yu-Shan  洪偉哲HUNG Wet-Che 

Screenplay:王逸鈴WANG Yi-Ling
Cinematographer:馮奕瑋FENG Yi-Wei

Editor:王逸鈴WANG Yi-Ling

Sound:許毓倫HSU Yu-Lun  盧之浩LU Zhi-Hao

Actor:尤勝宏YU Shen-Hung  張之瀚CHANG Chih-Han


王逸鈴WANG Yi-Ling