Summer Lost

Sylvan ZHAO 2018 China Fiction color 30min HDCAM
date time venue guests rating
10/05 14:20 Spot Huasan A Two PG12
10/07 18:00 Spot Huasan A Two PG12
10/09 18:50 Spot Huasan A Two PG12
This summer LIN is turning fifteen, but she hasn’t had her first period. She is caught in the misery of growing up. She’s confused about her sexual orientation, and a broken family and failed love also hurt her.


Sylvan ZHAO

She specialized in Film Directing at the Film Department of Dongguk University. She is good at the portrayal of family and love themes.

Director's Statement ▾

Sylvan ZHAO

2018 Summer Lost

Director: Sylvan Zhao
Writer: Sylvan Zhao and Mengwei Zhang
Producer: Jingjing Kong

KONG Eun-Byeol