A collective safe space, a community support platform to learn about how to make your own videos, our home movies, how to translate into images our personal stories with accessible cameras and video tools. During the workshop video skills are shared, at the end, we will watch all our video creations!

THE WOMEN NOW-WAVE CO-OP is an experimental film workshop that will take place in October, with four hands-on courses, co-editing course, an open-to-public presentation and screening. During the courses, J Triangular (a queer multimedia poet, experimental filmmaker and artist) will invite the participants to learn how to explore daily aesthetics and create their own video through accessible video tools and VHS cameras. The workshop will be conducted in English, while there will be on-site interpretation.




Open to 18+ cis women, trans women and LGBTQI+ who are interested in this workshop. No requirement for any film-related experience or knowledge. The key objectives of the workshop can be summed up as follow:  #empowerment  #experimental #non-mainstream #respect&inclusion #destigmatization #analog #dailyaesthetic #DIY. Therefore, we hope that through this workshop, image can be vehicle for empowerment, the participants can meet each other and believe in their own voices. In addition, this workshop particularly welcomes people of non-mainstream, under-represented or oft-stigmatized communities, such as persons with disabilities or migrant workers.


Open Call Registration:
Step ❶ Please fill in the registration form by 9.08() 


Step ❷ Those selected for workshop will be contacted via email by 9.16()


About J Triangular:


Colombia-born, Taiwan-based curator and artist, a queer multimedia poet, experimental filmmaker (DIY video artist), and photographer, J Triangular's art projects speak about resistance, gender dynamics, memory landscapes and cosmic symbolism through expanded cinema. Her works are poetic portraits of the unresolved social violence history and the rupture of identity in a culture of manufactured fear and legally institutionalized discriminations. Her work consistently addresses themes including music, cutting-edge performance, community identity, self-empowerment, and care practices. Social transformation and collective action with the use of accessible technologies; camcorder activism. Promoting communication and links of solidarity. Her work has been exhibited internationally in various art spaces, the most recent at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and this December at the Whitney Museum of Art, New York.



Schedule and content
Date10/2-10/24 (Specific time and address will be informed via email
Number of People15-18 participants

Fee: 1000 NTD (Please note: no one will be turned away for lack of funds)




DIY practice



Experimental film language in TV, Cinema, Music

Interaction between body, mirror and image

Art Space

Introduction to film narrative: How to tell story? Whats female perspective? How to tell your own story?

Starting from your own perception and imagination, and find the rhythm of the image through the connection between image and light


Imagination and rearranged landscape: How to create a touchable, perceptible, olfactible kind of sensory cinema?


Sensory practice: Interaction with daily objects and food

Music and Image: How to create musicals and music video with low budgets?

Exploring essential elements of Taiwanese aesthetics, such as Taiwanese Karaoke




Presentation & Screening

SPOT-Huasan 2F 



About Taiwan Womens Film Association:
Taiwan Womens Film Association (formerly known as Taipei Women Film and Video Association) was established in the year 2000. Since 1993, we have been organizing the annual Women Make Waves International Film Festival, Taiwan. We have screened close to a thousand hard-to-find international films and unique local films, establishing a film platform outside the male-centric mainstream perspective. Taiwan Womens Film Associations goal is to provide a perspective on humanities, gender, feminist discourses and the arts through cinema, while in the meantime, continue to foster a strong network between feminist film resources, interdisciplinary groups and social organizations.


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