The Eyeball Person

Yuri Muraoka 2023 Japan Experimental b/w & color 12min DCP
date time venue guests rating
10/16 12:30 Breeze Cinemas B PG15
10/19 17:00 Breeze Cinemas B PG15
10/20 19:30 Breeze Cinemas B PG15
This film is about gazes and goodbyes. An attempt to weave a poem on personal experiences with images. The filmmaker realizes that living is suffering to see Nemu, one of her daughters, squirming with struggles, as if sunflowers squirm to bloom.


Yuri Muraoka

After graduating from Image Forum Institute of the Moving Image, MURAOKA continues creating moving images and photographic works of "self-portraiture," including Transparent, the world is. and Transparent, I am.

Yuri Muraoka

2019 IDEA

2019 Transparent, the world is. 世界是透明的

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